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The Friendly Farm Hide and Seek audioHere are the answers to the Challenge from your favorite game!

Download answers to Challenge 

Download answers to Sounds Challenge 

Cherche et Trouve ExpertHere are the solutions to the "Rhapsody the Mouse" and "Mystery Characters"...


Cherche et Trouve Toupie et BinouFriendly Challenge. Clever kids can also try to discover the number of sheep hidden on each board. An excellent way to help children learn and count while they’re having fun.


Special Challenge... Three additional images are hidden in the game boards. Have fun finding them! Also, download the challenges answers and three additionnal cards: Corn, Tatoo and Deer.

History Challenge... Travel through time and try to locate historic personalities who marked the City of Québec hidden in the different game boards. There are ten famous people to discover. All ten are found in each of the eight game boards. They may be completely or partially visible, inverted or shaded. Continue to play and locate the mystery buildings hidden in each game board (one building per game board). They are: Hôtel Tadoussac (Tadoussac), Musée de la civilisation (Québec), Gare du Palais (Québec), Édifice Price (Québec), Hôtel Loews Le Concorde (Québec), Casino de Montréal (Montréal), Colisée Pepsi (Québec) and the Capitole de Québec.