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Sometimes the rules should be set aside to discover new ways to have fun. Little ones will not hesitate to create new rules and upset your routine. Playing is also about knowing how to recreate.

Games are great in good weather and bad. Are your children bored? Pull out a board game. Have fun with them and show them what you can do!

When children play a game, they learn about patience, cooperation and competition. There is nothing better than a board game to learn to wait one’s turn, think strategically to win and.... how to lose.

A game does not cost a lot and the returns are inestimable. Spend time as a family having fun and strengthening ties. Moreover, games are accessible to one and all. They provide cherished moments and memories to last a lifetime.

By imagining they are someone else or inventing a character or avatar, players of all ages can pretend to seek and adventure forth leaving the daily routine behind and escaping more easily into fiction and play.