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Educational Classification
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Our games classification system is now available to make it easier for you to accompany your child in the use of games as educational tools. The classification system developed by psychoeducators Audrey Leblanc and Mélanie Martel,co-founders of Groupe Formation Intervention (, provides information on the main educational goals associated with each of our games for children. Each developmental milestone of the child is identified by colour, and in certain cases, is further subdivided into more specific classes.


Although child development is a complex issue and different components of development (thought, social skills, affect and motor skills) are interrelated, the classification system is quite simple. It summarizes pertinent knowledge on a given subject and ways to support and encourage a child’s development. Distinctive and original icons serve as guides.


Enjoy learning more about the importance of play to a child. Use play time to have fun learning amid laughter and stimulating challenges!


It’s your turn to play: click the “Educational Classification” section in the upper right corner of the website.

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Educational Classification