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Éditions Gladius International inc. is a company specializing in the conception, manufacturing, distribution and the marketing of games 100% Canadian. Gladius was founded in 1993 by three young dynamic businessmen with the intention of marketing a newly created game called Nature Enjeux. Éditions Gladius International Inc. offers games today that stimulate the mind, while at the same time, amuse society game enthusiasts.

Éditions Gladius International Inc. has well understood that games are a tremendous tool for learning and socializing because it allows family or group members to get closer to one another, experience new things, escape from everyday life, better one’s general knowledge and sense of strategy. Therefore, all the games offered by the company relate to a universe of knowledge or to a situation scenario.

Constantly on the look-out for new game developments and concepts, Éditions Gladius International Inc. always plays the card of originality in its elaboration or marketing of its products and works in close co-operation with its inventors and designers. It distributes its products to the majority of specialized stores and boutiques as well as to some of the bigger chain stores.



It has purposed to conceive and put on the market games that have completely originated in Canada and that stimulate in many ways the intelligence of the participants and increase their knowledge while at the same time amusing them.