Escape Room Puzzle Adventures – Secret of the Scientist

1 to 2 players | Ages 14+

36,99 $


Escape Room The Game: Puzzle Adventures is a new variant within the collection and is a mix between an Escape Room and a jigsaw puzzle! Explore the mysterious house and discover the secrets it contains piece by piece. Play the game at your leisure in Puzzle Mode or turn on the timer and try to get the best score in Escape Room Mode.

Somewhere at the edge of town, an alarm has been ringing incessantly at an old mansion. As a rookie community police officer, you have been instructed to go and investigate. At the mansion, you discover the body of a murdered woman… Soon you are forced to face another shocking fact: the front door, as well as all other doors for that matter, cannot be opened from the inside. You are locked inside this obscure mansion with a corpse and no door handles…

Contenu de la boîte
  • Decoder
  • 12 puzzle keys
  • 10 hints tokens
  • 2 mystery pieces
  • 6 compartments with game components
  • Game rules