Drame et Enquête au menu!

Drama and investigation on the menu!

How to organize a memorable evening with Éditions Gladius!

Do you love organizing dinner parties with friends? Would you like to surprise your guests at your next event? We've got just what you need! Over the last few years, we've developed a range of "Drama and Investigation" atmospheric games that not only let you have fun, but also let you embody the characters and actions. In short, "playing" a game is definitely taken to another level.

In fact, we've just launched "Ça bouille à Cabane", the latest addition to our "Drame et Enquête" collection, written by Jean-François Baril. Get out your plaid shirt, take a sip of maple syrup, sit back and relax, as we prepare to reveal all the secrets of a successful "Drama and Investigation" evening!

As the organizer, the first thing to do is set the date of the event and choose the guests. Make sure you choose the right number of players, as indicated on the game box. Please note that everyone's presence will be essential for the evening to run smoothly, so all players must be present on the big day. Next, you'll need to decide which characters your friends will play. The description of each character can be found on the game box or in the invitation booklet. When assigning roles to guests, you can base them on their similarities to the characters, or even better, their differences! Don't hesitate to give female roles to men, and vice versa. And don't forget to assign one to yourself.

Once each role has been distributed, it's time to prepare the player envelopes according to the instructions in the organizer's notebook. You'll need to include the completed invitations, the corresponding player's booklet and, in some cases, a piece of evidence, as in the case of "Ça bouille à Cabane! You can hand-deliver the envelopes, or send them by post for even more mystery!

On the big night, to make the immersive experience a success, decorate the play area according to the initial theme. In the case of "Ça bouille à Cabane!", it goes without saying that we want to transport guests to the sugar shack. Checkered tablecloths, wooden logs, maple leaves, snowshoes, stuffed animals, lumberjack looks-the more the merrier! Don't forget the music! A little rigodon will be in order!

As for the menu, once again, the idea is to put the cabin on your plate. Pea soup, maple ham, baked beans, grandfathers in syrup, and more! We've even got you crushing ice to make maple taffy and adding a little Coureur des bois to your coffee!

Now's the time to play! Let the notebooks be your guide and have fun! Join in the fun! Which of you will discover the murderer? Tonight, it's all about... drama and investigation!

A word from the author:

I love these evenings where we allow ourselves to dress up and have fun. There are always magical moments that come out of a dinner like this. I've made sure to include jokes in each booklet, so that even the shyest guests can get in on the fun. Enjoy!

- Jean-François Baril (author of "Ça bouille à cabane!")
This type of evening is the perfect opportunity to create memorable souvenirs and zany photos! Keep your cameras rolling! Don't hesitate to tag us on social networks! We're always curious to see how the game moves from our heads to your home!

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