A quarter-century of not doing things halfway

Gladius has specialized in the design, manufacturing and distribution of original, educational board games for the whole family since 1996.

Today, Gladius is the largest manufacturer of board games in Canada, producing over 600,000 games each year.

100% from Québec, completely different

Gladius is the leading board game manufacturer in Quebec. We're also recognized for the high quality of our board game adaptations of popular TV shows, such as Silence, on joue, Le Tricheur, La guerre des clans, Au suivant, Piment fort and RPM - L'univers de l'automobile.

At a time when 80% of the world's toys and games are made in China, one of the reasons we stand out from the competition is our determination to design and manufacture as many of our games as possible in Quebec.

In addition to our own brand - La ferme de Foin-Foin - we work with world-renowned licenses, including Les Schtroumpfs, Barbie, Hot Wheels and Fraisinette. Our gradual expansion has also led us to open up more recently to the European market, in the hope of raising Quebec's profile on that continent.

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