La collection Ludo & Méninge pour apprendre en jouant!

The Ludo & Méninge collection for fun learning!

Ludo & Méninge is a collection of educational games for children aged 5 to 12, as well as for the whole family. It's a unique collection featuring games created by education professionals: orthopedagogues, speech therapists, neuropsychologists and occupational therapists. Through play, the collection offers children varied and fun learning opportunities.

Born of a desire to bring families together around fun, educational board games, the Ludo & Méninge collection is designed to support parents, teachers and professionals in the cognitive and academic development of their children. Through attractive themes and innovative game concepts, we support the development of attention, problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, impulsivity management, language skills, memory and much more.

To help parents and professionals use the games to their full potential, they'll have the help of two invaluable allies: Ludo and Méninge. Throughout the rules, the 2 characters will give advice and tips on how to adapt the game to each child, and offer fun, educational alternatives.

Ludo is a fun-loving little character. His role is to make sure the game runs smoothly and to suggest different variations to make each game as fun as possible! He'll guide you through the game, providing details and suggesting choices.

Meninge is a highly intelligent character. His role is to provide educational advice to optimize the use of the game. He will be the ally of parents, teachers and professionals who want to maximize learning opportunities during the game.

In short, the collection is an invaluable pedagogical tool for learning through pleasure.

Keep an eye out for articles by our professionals to find out more about each of the games in the collection!

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