Faire une place aux jeux de société à l’heure des devoirs : la solution pour apprendre en s’amusant!

Making room for board games at homework time: the fun way to learn!

Between studying on weeknights, weekend homework and online schooling that continues to haunt our thoughts, as parents we're challenged to support our children in their academic learning while keeping them entertained in a positive way. That's another mental challenge, isn't it?

That said, few of us have the soul of a great pedagogue. Our knowledge of school dates back to two or three reforms, and when it comes to homework, we're constantly in a bind. Fortunately, handy online resources such as "Allô Prof" are a great help, but did you know that in our little parental pocket we have a very precious card?

You bet! These days, a number of board games designed by professionals in the world of education can change the way we work on school concepts with our little ones. All subjects are covered! Imagine playing and learning at the same time! It's definitely a winner! And a piece of robot for Mom and Dad!

For a number of years now, the Ludo et Méninge collection has been providing fun, colorful and, above all, extremely visual ways for children to develop a number of skills of great importance to their education. For example, La Fabrique à sucre encourages children aged 6 and over to work on their problem-solving skills, visual and auditory memory, logical reasoning, working memory and impulsivity management. With La Matinée des monstres, attention, logical reasoning, visual discrimination, speed of execution and expressive language will be stimulated. In short, whether you're playing Bugs on the Run, Diamonds Express or the brand-new Camping en Folie and Bora Fruta, there's no doubt that your kids will be working very hard, without even realizing it, while having maximum fun!

Another great range of games to support parents at home is Amélio. These games are designed to stimulate the four developmental domains of players: intellectual, physical, socio-affective and conceptual. Their motto is "Learn by playing"! All school subjects are reviewed through these game boxes. Mathematics, reading, writing, geography, science, art, philosophy and much more are highlighted in two game categories: Rise to the Challenge! and 50 Ways to Play with... You guessed it, the 50 Ways to Play with... range offers families 50 ways to play per game. These are evolutionary games, enabling players to develop their skills further with each game. As an added bonus, you can download additional information, explanation sheets, complementary games and much more from the Web! With the Rise to the Challenge! series, your kids will be challenged to think outside the box. Children will be free to invent, explore and create with whatever they can get their hands on, while being guided and accompanied. It's a fun and different way to learn!

Other games can give you a helping hand in your daily role as parent-teacher, such as OKO Numbers and Letters, a colorful, colourful version of traditional bingo, which lets you work on numbers up to 20 and upper- and lower-case letters. For memory training, Dans ma valise has proved its worth over the years! A great challenge! If you're looking for a small, easy-to-use card game to help your child manage impulsivity and observation skills, Slack Jack is sure to be an ally. For toddlers, the battle game Hay-Hay is great for playing with numbers and notions of smaller and bigger. Would you like to support your youngster in learning a second language (English or Spanish)? Hola Clara is there for you! And finally, to get your children to confide in you about different aspects of their lives, the Nomme-moi game will be a great help, enabling them to put words to their ailments using images.

In short, making room for board games in an already busy daily routine is THE thing to do to succeed in learning while having fun! A bit like hiding vegetables in muffins, by sitting down for a game with your kids, you'll be able to sneak in some schoolwork! A great parenting achievement! Shh! it's between you and us!

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