Des idées de jeux pour toute la famille

We're putting the last gifts on your list!

You're ahead of schedule in your Christmas gift shopping this year, but the list still seems endless? Need a last-minute present for your nephew, a surprise for Grandma or a hostess gift for your sister-in-law? We've got a few tips to help you tick off the remaining boxes on your holiday to-do list!

Age is always the number one criterion for choosing the most appropriate game for each individual. Refer to the box, but also to the child's skills. It's always possible to adapt a game to make it simpler and more enjoyable for everyone. What's more, when you sit down to play with your child, you're helping him or her to learn. The educational games in the Ludo et Méninge collection and those in the Amélio range enable players of different ages to play together, while presenting them with challenges adapted to each one. They're great for family play! And with the wide variety of themes and interests in these two collections, you'll be able to please all the kids in your life!

Sometimes it's hard to find anything other than a video game to entertain a teenager. Over the past few years, escape games have arrived in Quebec and have become extremely popular. The Escape Room range has made it possible to adapt these popular outings into tabletop games! Your nephew, who never knows what to buy, may even smile when he opens his present! What's more, he'll want to see his friends "for real" instead of "playing games"! What's more, several extensions are also available! You'll know what to buy for his birthday too!

Tired of giving grandma perfume, pajamas or chocolate? A memory game is an excellent option! New in recent months, the Jeu de mémoire d'antan (Memory Game of Yesteryear) lets her work on her memory and sense of observation, while recalling anecdotes from her youth. A puzzle is also a great way to pass the time! And if your grandmother is more the type to keep an eye on things with her friends, a dice game will make a nice change from playing cards!

Of course, a bottle of wine is always a welcome hostess gift, but why not do something different this year? Bring along a game to get the party started! With Char-Ark, Kronologik and Connais-tu tes expressions, you can't go wrong! Small boxes at small prices for maximum fun! The idea of simply offering a board game to your host family can also be super fun! You're giving them quality time to play together! Games like Perds pas ta paire, Le Tricheur or those in the Imagémot collection are sure to please everyone!

That said, here's the number-one tip for choosing the right board game: visit your local toy and game store and let the advisors there guide you! Let's go! Let's check off the last gifts on your list today! Then all that's left to do is bake cookies... Or almost! 😉

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