A little theory…

Concentration is the cognitive process prior to learning. Although the ability to concentrate increases with age and neurological maturation, some of the challenges presented to children enable them to adopt effective strategies for developing their ability to concentrate.

How can we encourage through play?

In the context of play, ask the child to tell you, for example, how he observes or searches. Ask them to describe the path they follow with their eyes to find the right picture. To encourage attention, suggest a strategic approach, such as scanning the image from left to right, following with the finger, keeping in mind only the color of the object sought. This will also improve the child's capacity for selective attention, and his ability to ignore irrelevant and distracting information. When it's your turn to play, describe aloud your observation strategy, your way of paying attention. Don't forget that to encourage attention, it's essential to limit distractions (e.g. reduce surrounding noise) and to be fully available to the game yourself.

Pour en savoir plus

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