A little theory...

Classification is a cognitive skill that appears as early as the age of two and develops throughout primary school age. The child will enjoy practicing classifying different objects. At first, the child will classify in a way that seems a little random, without any specific criteria. He'll associate items by proximity or convenience (e.g. . As his thinking develops, he will be able to classify objects according to a criterion. Then, little by little, he'll be able to form sub-categories (several classification criteria).

How to stimulate development through play?

From ages 2 to 5, encourage classification based on criteria that the child knows: color, shape, things that can be eaten, objects found in the child's room. From age 6 onwards, encourage children to form classes and gradually show them how to divide into sub-classes (e.g. in the animal class, there are two sub-classes, carnivores and herbivores). Remember that a child's development can only be stimulated. It cannot be pushed to go faster than neurological and physiological development allows. Learning must remain a game.