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AutoTock 15''



2 players +7 years +
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For more than 50 years, the game of Tock has been entertaining family and friends! Continue the tradition by playing with your little ones! This version, designed for children, is sure to charm kids and adults alike! Once you have your cards in hand, each player chooses their 3 cars and places them in their starting area. This is the beginning of a crazy race on this colorful 48-square board. Beware of the "Reverse" and "Flat tire" spaces that will play nasty tricks on you. But take advantage of the "Nitro" spaces that will allow you to save precious time! Beware of your opponents, who could put obstacles in your way! The first player to reach the Garage with his 3 cars wins the game! Contents: - 1 board - 12 cars (4 models) - Game rules
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