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Camping Madness

Ludo et Méninge


2 players +6 years +
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Ready for adventure? Hazelnut, pistachio, and pecan invite you to go camping with them in the forest of a thousand acorns. Their plan? Hot chocolate under the stars, a s’mores contest around the campfire, and a delicious acorn picnic under the sun. for each challenge successfully completed, campers will be able to put marshmallows in the large cup of hot chocolate. The first camper to succeed at placing all his or her marshmallows in the large cup wins the game. Join this happy bunch for an unforgettable outing!
  • 4 game boards.
  • 1 large cup.
  • 1 picnic basket.
  • 1 cookie sheet.
  • 30 hot chocolate cards.
  • 30 S’mores cards.
  • 18 acorns.
  • 60 marshmallows.
  • 8 cup pieces.
  • 18 S’mores pieces
  • 1 sand timer.
  • 2 dice.
  • 12 stickers.
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