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Jeux de vitesse et d'observation

Hide & Seek My 1st



1 player +3 years +
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"My 1st hide and seek helps children discover the world around them by encouraging observation and concentration. They must find objects hidden on the game boards that depict everyday situations: daycare, park, schoolyard, bedroom, grocery store, and kitchen. An exciting game of discovery, fun, and laughter! Add to the fun by answering the observation questions together! Age: 3-5. Players: 1+. Aim of the game: to collect the most cards possible by finding their corresponding images hidden on the game boards."
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Educational classification


Concentration is the cognitive process prior to learning. Although the ability to concentrate increases with age and neurological maturation. To find out more


Language is one of the most important achievements of early childhood. Language as a new tool opens up new possibilities for social understanding. To find out more

Visual tracking
Visual tracking

This is the ability to locate and identify elements visually. In a playful environment, this includes rapid pattern recognition... To find out more

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