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Jeux d'ambiance




3 players +12 years +
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Does everyone perceive time the same way? Imagine any situation broken down into 100 steps. Debate, discuss, and talk about the situation to recreate a timeline for it by placing all the cards in your hand on the table, in chronological order. Will you be able to position your cards correctly in relation to the other players’ cards to create a perfect timeline? Contents: 100 cards 12 Chance tokens Game rules
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Educational classification

Verbal communication
Verbal communication

Language emerges naturally in most children, following a predictable sequence of acquisition. To find out more


Cooperation is teamwork! Cooperation enables children to achieve a result that could not have been achieved by one person alone. It's the co-construction of knowledge between peers. To find out more


Inference involves the ability to draw logical conclusions and implicitly understand information from what is presented. To find out more

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