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Jeux questionnaires

McWiz Junior



2 players +6 to 12 years old
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Take turns alone or as a team member answering questions and be the first to complete your puzzle. Earn one piece for each correct answer. The bilingual cards are divided by age group (ages 6-7, ages 8-9 and ages 10-12) to allow children of different ages to play together! Fun for all! Contents: 300 cards 4 puzzles Game rules
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Educational classification

Verbal communication
Verbal communication

Language emerges naturally in most children, following a predictable sequence of acquisition. To find out more

General knowledge
General knowledge

Knowledge is acquired through a variety of cognitive processes: perception, learning, reasoning, memory, experience, testimony and so on. To find out more


Language is one of the most important achievements of early childhood. Language as a new tool opens up new possibilities for social understanding. To find out more

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