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Miele Washer



1 player 3 years +
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In faithful respect to the original Miele design, Theo Klein has crafted this washing machine for children and equipped it with all the functions that delight little ones; as soon as they press the start button, a complete washing cycle begins: water inlet, washing, spinning, and draining. An integrated sound module emits the appropriate sounds—even the signal announcing that the laundry is finished hasn't been forgotten! All these functions can also be activated individually using the buttons to the right of the start button. The machine can operate with or without water, as desired! It can also be used manually, without batteries: at the back of the machine, there is a crank that allows the drum to be turned and the laundry to be washed. Miele Washing Machine The battery-operated Miele machine features a water filling and draining system and can operate with or without water. It has a cycle of four programs with corresponding sound effects and comes with two packets of pretend detergent. Dimensions: 18.5 cm x 26 cm x 18 cm Suitable for children aged three and up Batteries required: 3 x R14-C - Not included
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