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O-K-O junior Numbers and letters



2 players +6 years +
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Learn and play with letters and numbers in this popular version of OKO! Numbers (1 to 20), the letters of the alphabet and basic addition and subtraction will hold no secrets for your little ones! With OKO Letters and Numbers, learning becomes a fun-filled activity! Give each player a game board, present each card in turn and let the players place a token on their game board when they find the right match. Be the first player to line up 4 tokens on your game board and win the game! Contents: 12 game boards 20 Number cards 26 Alphabet cards 100 tokens Game rules
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Concentration is the cognitive process prior to learning. Although the ability to concentrate increases with age and neurological maturation. To find out more

Reading writing
Reading writing

Before starting to learn a language, we first talk about awakening. Introducing children to reading and writing should be seen as a fun way of raising their awareness. To find out more


Logical-mathematical reasoning encompasses a range of cognitive skills. To find out more

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