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Criminologist - Forensic medecine

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Use the magic of chromatography to extract revealing colors from a crime scene (like DNA analysis). Use special indicators to spot dangerous acids and alkalis. Learn how to bring out fingerprints with special powders and inks that glow in the dark. Trap thieves with invisible markers that only you can see. Make casts of footprints at the crime scene and compare them to your database. Who was driving the fugitive's car? You'll find out through fiber analysis." Content: Baking soda Rice vinegar (diluted solution) Plaster of Paris Cornstarch 8x universal indicator strips Beaker Pipette Spoons (x2) Tweezers Magnifying glass Water-based markers (x2) Cylinder Chromatography paper UV flashlight and invisible ink Marker Spoon Mixing sticks (x5) Fingerprint slides Fingerprint mold Tracing paper (x6) Cotton balls (x10) Cotton swabs (x4) Ink pad Stickers Tape Pencil Sample tubes (x5) 3 meters of crime scene tape Instruction booklet Safety data sheet
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