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Sciences et magie

Historian - Treasure hunter

1 player 10 years +
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Have fun while conducting laboratory experiments and observing the surprising reactions of our digestive system. Discover the circulatory system using a simulation and a heart rate experiment. Find out why mucus is the first line of defense against diseases! Experiment with respiration and extract DNA from a fruit and your saliva. Explore the fascinating properties of water that make it essential for life. Over 50 experiments with easy-to-follow instructions and colorful illustrations, all while having fun!" Content: Sodium bicarbonate Rice vinegar (diluted solution) Universal indicator paper Plaster of Paris Red liquid dye Psyllium sachet Beaker Protective glasses Pipettes (4) Filter paper Test tubes and caps Test tube holder Brain mold Hand bone mold Funnel Blood typing tray Matches Spoons Tweezers Paint and brush Mixing sticks Candle Balloons Instruction booklet Safety data sheet
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