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Jeux d'ambiance




1 player +4 years +
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Hours of fun for those who like to make up, tell, or listen to stories! Storytime will immerse you in a world of imagination and fantasy, or sometimes in the reality of daily life. No matter where you are, you will experience a great story. The aim of the game is to make up stories, alone or in a group, based on the magnificently illustrated discs. The only rule is to have fun! Who will invent the most incredible, funny, or fantastic story? Let yourself be carried away by your little loved ones’ tales. Recommended by remedial teachers and childhood specialists. Cooperative game. Encourages language development and creativity. A non-competitive game that helps children relate to others.
  • 120 discs.
  • 1 play mat.
  • Game rules.
  • Age: 4+.
  • Players: 1+.
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Educational classification

Verbal communication
Verbal communication

Language emerges naturally in most children, following a predictable sequence of acquisition. To find out more


Cooperation is teamwork! Cooperation enables children to achieve a result that could not have been achieved by one person alone. It's the co-construction of knowledge between peers. To find out more

Symbolic play
Symbolic play

Symbolic play represents moments of free play during which children pretend, imitate, reproduce everyday situations, invent, imagine and act out scenarios. To find out more

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