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Sugar Factory

Ludo et Méninge


2 players +6 years +
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The Sugar Factory chef is looking for a new apprentice to help him prepare treats. Face the different challenges (decorating cupcakes, preparing brochettes, and cone duel) and show off your candy-making skills to earn the gold apron and become an apprentice chef!
  • 1 game board (4 pieces).
  • 4 preparation boards.
  • 108 game cards.
  • 106 candies.
  • 2 storage bowls.
  • 4 playing pieces.
  • 2 dice.
  • Game rules.
  • Age: 6+.
  • Players: 2-4.
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Cognitive development
Cognitive development

Cognition is defined as the activity of knowing and the mental processes by which we develop and use our knowledge to solve different problems. More about cognition


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Problems solving
Problems solving

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