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Entomologist - Ant oasis

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Put soil in the Ant Oasis and you will see them build tunnels and take care of their eggs and babies. An integrated magnifying glass will allow you to see your ants cut their food and carry it away. The colony unit also features tunnels in which the ants will move from the nest to the surface, as well as in the Oasis filled with gardens! The Oasis sand benefits from a secret water source, namely a magic capillary wick! Plants will grow there and create oxygen and food for the ants. Moreover, you can make your own liquid nutrients to feed the garden with your magic capillary wick. This kit will allow children to learn how animals and plants can live in balance, whether in a desert or on a planet!... AND MUCH MORE." Content: Multi-compartment mold Oasis-themed base Oasis dome Silica sand packet (2) Red wick Red plastic tube L connector Jar Holed pot cover Cotton swabs Pipette Tweezers Stickers to cover the holes in the colony base (2) Adhesive squares (3) Instruction booklet
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