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Jeux de vitesse et d'observation

You've been framed!



2 players +6 years +
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Flip a card and be the fastest to match the pattern illustrated using your colored frames. When finished, slap the card to win the point. You’ve been framed! requires a keen sense of observation and quick reflexes to find and correctly position your frames before the other players! Contents: 50 cards (100 patterns) 48 plastic frames Game rules
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Les points de vente

Educational classification

Visuo-spatial ability
Visuo-spatial ability

Visuo-spatial ability refers to children's ability to perceive, understand and manipulate visual information in space. To find out more

Visual tracking
Visual tracking

This is the ability to locate and identify elements visually. In a playful environment, this includes rapid pattern recognition... To find out more

Speed of execution
Speed of execution

Speed of execution in the context of play for children refers to their ability to perform actions quickly and efficiently in response to visual or auditory stimuli. To find out more

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